How do I provide child care during this time of crisis?

AgriLife Trainings

FREE online training is available to support families and child care providers during this time! These courses were developed through a collaboration between the Governor's Texas Frontline Child Care Task Force, specialists in child and early child development, health, disaster assessment and recovery and family economics from AgriLife's Family and Community Health Unit. It also included experts from the Texas Association for the Education of Young Children, Children’s Learning Institute, Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Health and Human Services Commission and Texas Department of State Health Services. Visit the AgriLife website, or click directly on a link below.

The first three trainings available now are:

Supplies for Child Care Providers

Are you having trouble accessing enough supplies to keep your program operating safely? Here is a list of vendors you can contact to purchase needed supplies. If you are having trouble finding food to purchase, here is a list of food vendors.

Tell us what supplies you are having trouble finding! Log in to the Frontline Child Care Availability Form and complete the information about supplies.There are periodic opportunities to get free supplies if you are reporting your availability in the Frontline Child Care Availability Portal.

Need help logging in? Check out these resources.

  • A video on how to log in
  • A guide on how to log in

Are you a supplier or distributor that has any of the following items and wants to participate in the supply chain for child care providers? Please email to let us know what supplies you have, what part of Texas you serve, and whether you can deliver directly to providers or to one of our distribution centers.