How do I provide child care in my public school during this time of crisis?

Information for establishing emergency child care in your school district is forthcoming. In the meantime, the following guidance can help you support your community:

  • Review the Emergency Child Care Guide for Schools Schools for detailed information on the process, and resources, to establishing an emergency child care permit during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Additional information provided by the Texas Education Agency to assist district leaders and emergency child care operations for COVID-19 frontline employees can be found here
  • Review the guidance and resources below
  • Consider partnering with a regulated child care program, especially in providing seats for infant and toddlers
  • Search the Frontline Child Care Availability Portal to determine if there are already child care providers in your area that are open for business and have available seats. This may help in determining the capacity and operating hours your operation needs to provide

If you CURRENTLY have a licensed child care program on your school campus, please click here and follow the guidance for regulated child care programs.

Job Matching Services

  • A model job description has been provided by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) and can be found here. Districts should review their liability insurance policies to ensure that such policies include coverage of the operations and services to be undertaken.
  • Emergency child care operations that need to hire staff can use to post and fill job openings. See the Child Care Provider Desk Aid for instructions.
  • Furloughed child care teachers can also search and apply for child care jobs at See Child Care Teacher Desk Aid for instructions.

AgriLife Trainings

FREE online training is available to support families and child care providers during this time! These courses were developed through a collaboration between the Governor's Texas Frontline Child Care Task Force, specialists in child and early child development, health, disaster assessment and recovery and family economics from AgriLife's Family and Community Health Unit. It also included experts from the Texas Association for the Education of Young Children, Children’s Learning Institute, Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Health and Human Services Commission and Texas Department of State Health Services. Visit the AgriLife website, or click directly on a link below.

The first three trainings available now are:

Public Health Resources